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Bronies Bronies

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Actually pretty funny

I'll be honest, I came here expecting nothing more than a desperate attempt at poking fun at something popular to try to be popular, but actually found it pretty funny. The writing really just is what it is, so there's nothing to do about it. I would've found it a lot funnier if there was some sort of punchline to it, other than a shock ending and a silly face to reach boiling point and not have to animate anything, but nevertheless, the bit with the "Original voices from the show" made me crack up a smile.

The animation is very pretty, and has a nice sense of weight to it. Unfortunately, the timing might at times be a bit convulted, so a few dropbacks aren't so easy on the eye.

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Dead Space Fail Dead Space Fail

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Holy cow, man, the art... the art!

Let me tell you, you have an awesome art style; everything is so wonderfully stylized and detailed, it's a real pleasure to look at, and the way you complement it with that thick kind of animation is beautiful; reminds me to a degree of classic SNES games.

This also made me laugh out loud plenty of times; there's a general sense of awkwardness all around the timing of the jokes and the phrasing, that makes for the perfect punchline delivery. I really like how you made Isaac's bucket-helmet lights kind of reflect his emotions, really adds a new layer of expression to the character. Great job!

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